The way you decorate your walls and windows can have a profound effect on the look of any room. These aspects of the decor are at eye level and are often the first things you, or visitors to your home will see. It is therefore, crucial, that any patterns you choose are pleasing, harmonious and in-keeping with the character of your home.

Home decorating fashions come and go, and we often recommend that the style of curtains and wallpaper reflects timeless design values.

Choosing Curtains

It’s worth bearing a few ideas in mind. When choosing curtains, it’s good to treat the window as a picture frame, and your curtains can enhance the view and really make a feature of it.

Wallpaper on the other hand can have a powerful effect inside the room. A dense busy pattern can look all ornate and decorative, but in a small room it may make the space feel even more enclosed. The size shape and orientation of a room all play a key role in the selection of curtains and wallpaper.

Remember, we are always on hand to discuss your decorating plans and requirements. Our interior design software will give you a vivid impression of how your chosen decor will look, and allow you to make alterations at any time.

At Harper and Pye, not only do we supply fabulous curtains, but we hang them as well.

We supply all manner of curtain tracks and curtain poles so even the most difficult of windows can be made to look beautiful. We also supply the new “must have” Vision Blinds, that can be manually controlled or can have electrical controls and look fantastic when viewed from outside or inside of the home and, at competitive prices too!