Karndean Flooring in BroughtonMany people are installing Karndean flooring in Broughton because they recognise its immense benefits. Karndean flooring is a type of luxury vinyl (LVT) flooring solution. This type of flooring combines the visual aesthetics of natural materials such as wood and stone with the functional advantages of vinyl. Karndean flooring mimics the colours, tone and textures of other materials so closely that it looks the real thing. Vinyl floors are water-proof, easy to install, lightweight and easy to clean. An extra advantage is that vinyl flooring does not need sealing or polishing. As such, Karndean floors elevate the elegance and luxurious appeal of your living spaces.

Karndean floors are preferred for the level of design flexibility they provide you. In Broughton, our Karndean flooring solutions enable you to select any theme you want for your home. Hence, the flooring design options replicate several types of stone and wood finishes. With Karndean flooring, you don’t need extensive construction work for installation. As such, Karndean floor tiles are easy to install and don’t require costly labour or equipment.  Thus, this means that the floor will feel soft and warm under your feet, even in the cold months.

If you need a reliable supplier of Karndean flooring in Broughton, come to us. We are a family run business established in 1984. Our business has thrived since inception and enabled us to diversify the range of products we offer. Apart from Karndean flooring, we provide carpets, curtains and fitted bedroom furniture. We work with our team of expert fitters to  simplify the installation processes for our customers. Therefore, if you would like a Karndean flooring solution for your home or office, contact Harper & Pye today. We don’t compromise on quality and can offer you the most competitive prices in the region.