Choosing the right curtains for your home can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help.

Choose curtains that suit your room proportions. Floor length curtains look elegant at tall, narrow windows in rooms with high ceilings. Bold patterns can draw the eye to the centre of the curtain and can distract away from the length.

Make Plain Fabric Livelier

Add a border to your plain curtains by picking a bold colour from within the room can bring them to life.

Update with accessories
Use striking holdbacks to dress up inexpensive cotton drapes, or fit a plain pole, then just swap the finials when you fancy a new look.

Go for a formal look with showy designs
Disguise a tall, narrow window with full-on dressy drapes. Layer two complementary silk curtains, and sweep them both to one side for a fuller, more luxurious look.

Brighten up a bay
Try teaming patterned curtains with sheer coloured panels at a bay window. Curtains can be open during the day to let in light, while the splash of colour keeps the wide expanse of window from looking too bare.

Then of course you’ll need to choose the right curtain hanging to suit your curtains.

This video gives some very handy ideas.

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