Discount Carpets in Fleetwood You can save a lot of money on discount carpets in Fleetwood when you know where to shop. That’s why our customers love shopping with us. They know they’re going to get their best deal with us. Value for money is the goal. You can find cheap carpet at cheap prices all day long. But, we sell quality at discount prices. We sell Brintons Carpet brand which is the perfect combination of 80% wool and 20% nylon. This is a brand that has proven it’s worth since its establishment in 1783. They supply a wide range of colours and styles at affordable prices. Consider, too, Axminster Carpets in 100% British wool from British Sheep in the Axminster weave they invented 100 years ago.

Hand finished Brockway Carpets and Ulster Carpets are both in high demand with our customers for their quality and array of styles. In Fleetwood, discount carpets are a budget saver. Check our stock regularly for sales, discounts and deals on some of the finest brand carpets made. Our staff is going to work with you to find the right carpet for your needs and wants. You may be carpeting your whole house or just one room. We want to make sure you get the best customer service possible as well as the best possible price. You may also like to choose from our selection of curtains to coordinate with your new carpet. Have a look at our custom-fitted furnishings as well.

Our family owned business sells discount carpets in Fleetwood and we’ve been doing so since 1984. We believe our success is due to excellent customer service, fine products and the lowest possible prices. When you have selected your new carpet, our highly qualified installation team will measure and then professionally install your carpet for a perfect finish. If you want to see what your colour scheme is going to look like, we can prepare a computerised simulation to help you visualise the finished look. It’s part of our in house interior design service. Contact us or pay us a visit and do a little price comparison shopping. Compare our discount carpets and the prices at other retailers. We’re here to make sure you get what you want and stay within your budget.