Harper & Pye is the long-established place for discount carpets in Norbreck. We carry a variety of recognisable quality brand carpets to fit the budget of our customers. With us, you will find carpeting for every room in your house at the best prices. Discount carpets need not be poor quality. Our buyers are well respected in the industry and when we come across a manufacturer or supplier that can be flexible on price in exchange for volume we take that deal and pass it along to our customers. We operate an efficiently organised business with limited overhead compared to some. That business plan enables us to offer the lowest possible price to our customers.

We are able to offer discounts on carpet roll ends since they can’t be used for larger rooms. Being from a different dye lot, in Norbreck, discount carpets can’t be combined with new rolls of the same type carpet. This is a real deal for those of you looking to carpet a small bedroom or office area. You’ll save a lot of money on good quality carpet. Sometimes, we experience an overstock of a particular brand and style of carpet. It may be the designer overestimated the consumer appeal for this particular style. However, you may just love it and since we’ve discounted it, you are going to get great quality for a low cost. We almost always have sales and discount prices on select carpets in our store that may be just what you’re looking for.

We carry several quality grades of discount carpets in Norbreck. Not everyone needs or wants to pay for a carpet that will last forever. Maybe you only need the carpet to look great for 5 years or you are the only occupant so the carpet gets gentle wear. Some families do not invest in the higher cost carpets while their children are young. Your discount carpet will still look beautiful with top quality underpadding and professional installation. Contact Harper & Pye when you’re in the market for new carpet. If you love high-quality carpet but you have a discount carpet budget, then stick with us. We’ll find the best carpet at the lowest possible price for you.