Discount Carpets in NormossDiscount carpets in Normoss are what most people shop for. The word discount can be misleading. Some stores will advertise discount carpets for sale when what they’re really selling is lower quality carpets at fair market prices. Others stores really are selling carpet well below the market price, but only one style, brand and colour. The rest of their stock has full market price or more. Retailers can make discounted carpet mean whatever they want it to mean and still not save their customers any money. Chances are if they didn’t get the carpet at lower than wholesale price, they are not going to sell it at lower than the retail market price. They can’t afford to and still stay in business.

When we advertise carpets at discount prices, we are selling carpets for less than average market price. For customers in Normoss, discount carpets mean better quality carpet than you’re paying for. The only way we can do that is if we can buy from the wholesaler at discount prices, sell them at less than market value and still make a profit. We look for those opportunities and maintain good relationships with our suppliers. A supplier may have overbought and needs to free up space so we get a better price if we buy in volume. Last year’s carpet is just as good as this years but the supplier wants to move it out. There may be a limit of a certain discounted carpet so customers need to move fast.

We’re able to bring discount carpets in Normoss to our customers using various methods. However, it does require that we go that extra mile to secure the best possible pricing from the supplier. Sometimes it means we are selling carpet at only a slight profit or if we have more at wholesale price. Our discount prices would also include roll ends. Contact Harper & Pye if you are in the market for discount carpets. In other words, carpets that are priced below their normal retail value. Our carpets are good quality and respected brands. We work hard to bring them to our customers at the lowest possible prices.