Karndean in Cleveleys Karndean in Cleveleys can be found at Harper & Pye because we know good quality and fair prices when we see them. We don’t want to sell products we don’t believe in. There is every reason to believe in Karndean Luxury Vinyl Flooring. The company understands that customers love natural wood and stone flooring. So, anybody can cut down a tree, saw it into planks and lay it down as a floor. Or they can haul some stones and break them into pieces and lay a patio in your kitchen. Just hope the structure can support the weight of those stones and timbers. Once the natural floor is down, be careful. Don’t spill, dent or scratch. That doesn’t seem very practical for busy households and commercial areas with heavy foot traffic. Especially when you consider that natural flooring can be pricey.

Karndean designers see the beauty in the natural wood and stone in nature and duplicate the look in luxury vinyl. In Cleveleys, Karndean flooring looks like Mother Natures’, complete with texture. It’s a lot easier to install as well. It comes in blocks or planks that you can mix and match to create your own unique design. Or, choose one of the great designs Karndean has already created.  Most people won’t notice right away that your Karndean floor is not timber or stone. It looks authentic. The difference is, your karndean floor is waterproof, kid proof, pet proof and easily cleaned. It’s also warm and soft underfoot and absorbs noise, unlike stone and timber.

When our professional installers at Harper & Pye install your Karndean in Cleveleys, Karndean offers you a lifetime guarantee. It’s okay that your Karndean in Cleveleys will last forever; or at least for your forever. The natural looking floor never goes out of style. You can change all the furnishings in the room, the paint and wallpaper and go from traditional to minimalist modern. Your floor will still look terrific with the new decor. It doesn’t get more cost effective than that. Contact us or pay us a visit and let us show you our samples of Karndean and some of the fantastic designs that are possible. If your family members have allergies or asthma, your doctor should prescribe Karndean flooring for your home.