Karndean in MythopYou know us at Harper & Pye for our carpets; now check out Karndean in Mythop from our selections. If you love the look of wood and/or stone but not the price, cleaning difficulty, scratches and potential water damage, choose Karndean. This is the luxury vinyl flooring for you because it looks authentic and durable enough to last a lifetime. Not only does Karndean look authentic, it feels authentic with a lightly textured surface. You can put it anywhere, even in your bath, kitchen or basement; it’s waterproof. You can’t do that with real wood products; they will warp and stain. Real stone floors are gorgeous, but hard to clean, they chip and crack and they’re hard and cold. Installing natural wood and stone is labour intensive.

Karndean vinyl flooring installs like a big block puzzle and goes down quickly. In Mythop, Karndean is sometimes installed as a floating floor and other times it’s glued. Either way, it is considerably cheaper to install than the natural products because it’s easier and faster. How you arrange the Karndean planks and tiles and how you combine the different colours and shapes is totally up to you. You may have a design of your own and that’s great but we can show you some stunning looks. There are so many possibilities and most all would suit your decor. That’s one of the best features of natural wood and stone; they are timeless and perfect in all decors.

Now you can have that same timeless durability when you choose Karndean in Mythop. You’ll love how soft and warm Karndean is underfoot. This product, unlike wood and stone, absorbs sound so your home will be quieter. If you love the look of natural wood and stone but you have kids, pets, frequent water splashes and spills, you will love Karndean. A quick swiffer with a recommended cleaning product will take away all messes like it never happened. Contact Harper & Pye to find out more about our Karndean products. Our staff will be happy to share that expertise with you. Have a look at the sample products and notice the textured surface that adds to the authenticity and helps make the flooring slip proof. You will want Karndean in every room.