Discount Carpets in Staining When you shop for discount carpets in Staining, what are you expecting to find? Some equate discount carpets with poor quality. They assume the carpets are made cheap and sold cheap. They might look okay for a year or so but won’t ever have the touch of luxury you crave, the loft to the weave or true colours. That’s not actually an accurate use of the word discount. A discount carpet is a normally priced carpet sold at a lower than usual price. That’s how we interpret discount carpets at Harper & Pye. We stock some of the finest brands of carpeting being manufactured today. These carpets are being sold by other stores within a certain price range; a little more at one store or a little less at another.

At Harper & Pye, we make a habit of pricing a selection of carpets at prices well below average. We mix it up a bit so in Staining, discount carpets this week might have been full price last week. Next week the selection might be altogether different. The difference is, our full price is usually below average. Therefore most of our carpets are discount carpets to start with. If you keep an eye out, the carpet you are hoping for may soon be discounted further. That’s what we call a bargain. Cheap quality carpet is never a bargain. It’s just cheap. When you are shopping for carpet you want quality that will look good with proper care for ten or in some cases 20 years. That’s value for money. When you get that same carpet discounted 20% below average price you grasp the true meaning of discount carpet.

Discount carpets in Staining are worth shopping for and waiting for. We are dedicated to the finest customer service and lowest possible prices on all our products. We offer a full interior design service along with flooring, carpets, curtains and built in furniture. For your fine carpet we offer professional installation service carried out at your convenience. Contact Harper & Pye and take advantage of our over 35 years’ experience. We can answer all your questions about the various brands and help you compare products. That way you are sure to get the right carpet for your needs and your budget.