Discount Carpet in Poulton-le-FyldeFor the best discount carpet in Poulton-le-Fylde, one needs to look no further than Harper & Pye, right there in your neighbourhood. We have been in the business of furnishing since 1984. A family run business, we provide a wide range of carpets, curtains, and flooring to suit every budget. Additional benefits include high quality products, expertise, the experience of a knowledgeable team and a commitment to deliver the best! A recent and exciting foray into fitted bedroom furniture has added to their reputation. The company’s exceptional contributions have won them numerous accolades and awards. Some of their prestigious projects include the Preston North End Football Club, The Blackpool Grand Theatre, Carpeting the Presidential suite in the United States’ White House and even working on the sets of the famous Bond production, ‘The Living Daylights’!

For clients in Poulton-le-Fylde, a discount carpet from Harper & Pye’s bespoke  solutions speak volumes about their quality and workmanship. These are inclusive of a comprehensive interior design package from start to finish, providing the best choice of colours, textures and quality products guaranteed not only to impress but also last! The company keeps itself updated on new innovations and the changing needs of its clients, all this at competitive prices, the best you can expect anywhere!

Discount carpet in Poulton-le-Fylde is a service that offers exclusive brands of carpet like  Brintons, Axminster, Brockway, and Ulster. These  products are available in blends of wool, nylon in an array of  patterns, from plains to iconic, classic British designs to warm the hearth and hearten the soul – that inestimable feeling of being Home! The colour palette offers a wide range, from dusky pinks to calming greens and bold reds- we have it all! A wide variety of plaids, velvets and tartans in plain and patterned weaves provides many options. These custom made, original carpets, that are made using modern spinning and dyeing techniques are finished by hand to produce very unique choices. When you are searching for a discount carpet, contact Harper & Pye. Added conveniences include our online store for browsing, selection and placing of orders. Virtual tours and simulated interiors will help every client to meet their exact expectations.