Discount Carpets in Thornton Discount carpets in Thornton from Harper & Pye make carpet buying even more exciting. If there is one thing better than buying high quality carpet it’s buying high quality carpet at discount prices. If you have been shopping around for new carpet to replace your old, don’t buy until you see what we have to offer at affordable prices. We have the well-known brand names you know and associate with UK excellence. For instance, Brockway carpets have been a top brand for generations. They hand finish all their carpets to make sure they meet the highest standards of British craftsmanship. From Northern Ireland, Ulster carpets offer a tantalising range of carpet styles and patterns.

Discriminating carpet buyers who shop with us at Harper & Pye will also discover Brintons 70 shades of colour in their wool and nylon blend of beautiful and durable carpets. For those who prefer pure wool in Thornton, discount carpets may be found bearing the Axminster name. These carpet brands are long wearing, up to 20 years, and they retain their fresh new look with proper maintenance. When you are fortunate enough to find one of these brands at a discount price, you truly have a bargain. At full price, their durability makes them an excellent choice. You might need to replace lower quality carpet two or three times during the lifespan of our quality name brand carpets.

Doing business with us for discount carpets in Thornton will make shopping for new carpet a happy experience. We have a long history of experience and knowledge in the carpet business. Our carpet store was established in 1984 as a family owned and operated business. Now, the second generation of our family is following our lead. To us, customer service is always the top priority. Contact us or pay is a visit at our showroom to check for fine quality discount carpets. We see the job through from start to finish. Our in house fitters are the most efficient and professional installers you’ll find. You can count on a carpet installation completed to perfection. At Harper & Pye, we offer a full interior design service and an amazing selection of curtains to compliment you new carpet.